Sunday, 30 October 2016

LFC Goal Machine - Updated to Include Season 2015-16

I've updated The LFC Goal Machine to include season 2015-16. You can play with the lfcgm app at

The LFC Goal Machine is a simple web app that plots a player's age against the league goals that the player scored in a top level season. The app knows about every LFC player who scored a top level league goal in more than one season, from 1894-95 to 2015-16. You can use the app to compare players across different seasons and eras. Simply select one or more players and take a look at their graph. 

For more information see my earlier blogpost: The LFC Goal Machine - Graphic Detail.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Painting The World Red

The animated map shows how the world was painted red from Liverpool's first season in 1892 to the most recent season that ended in 2016. A country is painted red on the world map when a player who was born in that country appeared in the Liverpool squad for the first time.

Red Shift

At the end of season 1976-77, the season when Liverpool won their first European cup, only 7 countries had been painted red: England, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and USA.

At the end of season 2015-16, 44 countries had been painted red. This is a remarkable increase, illustrating the globalisation of LFC and football. The graph below describes that growth.