Friday, 19 August 2016

LFC's Creation and First League Title

Liverpool FC Was Created Over A Pint Of Sparkling Ale

The Showdown

John Houlding's split with Everton FC had been acrimonious. The coup de grass - if you'll excuse the Anfield pun - had taken place 3 days earlier on 12th March 1892 in a packed Sandon Hotel, the club's headquarters and match-day dressing rooms.

George Mahon, his bitter rival on the Everton board, had announced that Houlding's services as club president and Anfield landlord were no longer required. Mahon said that Everton were not prepared to pay Houlding's increased Anfield rent and were moving across Stanley Park to a new ground at Goodison Road. Mahon was literally taking away his ball, the team and the supporters.

Houlding, the Anfield owner, was left with a good pitch, a decent stand, a hefty loan and no football team. When Mahon said he'd be back to dismantle Anfield's wooden stand and move it to the new ground at Goodison, Houlding had lost his cool and thrown him out the Sandon. Well, this was his right as he also owned the pub and the Houlding's Brewery Company that supplied its fine sparkling ales!

Houlding was an ambitious self-made businessman and local Tory council member. He wanted a good return on his investments but he also craved sporting success. So what should he do? Should he sell up and give up on his football business? He'd have no trouble finding a buyer for the Anfield land. Or should he try and realise his dream? He'd thought about nothing else for the last few days. He'd made his decision…


Houlding's Beacon Ale, the only alcoholic beverage sold at 
Anfield in the early days and John Houlding,
founder of Liverpool FC